The Gaslight Anthem

Posted: September 18, 2011 in Alternative, Rock
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The Gaslight Anthem is an American rock band from New Brunswick, New Jersey. They have released 3 albums to date and are currently working on album number 4.

This song is “Great Expectation” from the album “The ’59 Sound”

This is the song “The ’59 Sound”

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The Gaslight Anthem

The Myspace



The Drums

Posted: September 8, 2011 in Indie, Pop
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The Drums are an American indie band from Brooklyn, New York. They were formed in 2006 by Jonathon Pierce and Jacob Graham. They have released 2 albums to date, (“The Drums”, “Portamento”) with the album “The Drums” going silver in the UK.

This is “Forever and Ever Amen”

This is the new single “Money”

The View

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The View are a Scottish indie rock band that use various styles, formed in 2005. They are signed with “1965 records” and have 3 albums released to date. The debut album “Hats off to the Buskers” was nominated for a Mercury award in 2007.

This is the song “Grace” from their new album

This is from the debut and is called “The Don”

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The View


Bread And Circuses Album Review<a

The Horrors

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The Horrors are an English band who were formed in 2005. They have released 3 albums to date but “Primary Colours” (2009) was the first album that really caught on achieving the NME Album of the Year for 2009.

This song is “Still Life” from the Album “Skying”

“Whole New Way”

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The Horrors

The Vaccines

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The Vaccines are another new Indie band to come out of the UK with massive potential. They supported the Arctic Monkey on their recent US tour which gave them a great initial boost. The debut album “What Did You Expect From The Vaccines?”, in one of my favorite albums this year with its very catchy lyrics and melodies.

This is “Norgaard” of their album

Next is “Wrecking Bar (Ra Ra Ra)

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The Vaccines


Album Review

BBC are a indie rock band from London. They have released 3 albums, one of which was partly recorded in Jack Steadman’s (singer) bedroom. The new album “A Different Kind of Fix” has just been released and I think it is brilliant!

This was their debut single “Always Like This”

And this is their first single off the new album

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BBC Myspace

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BBC Webpage


Posted: August 30, 2011 in Grunge, Indie
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Yuck are an indie rock band from London and have recently released their self-named debut album that has won over the UK.


This is the opening track from the album “Get Away”

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